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Maison d'hôtes l'expérience Japonaise

Japanese experience in South of France

between Japanese tradition and Provencal charm

Mas de Kyoto is an exceptional guesthouse set in a unique natural environment. A secret address for lovers and family  where to combine the warm atmosphere of a Provence farmhouse with the sophistication and delicacy of Japanese hospitality. At first glance, Mas de Kyoto evokes images of typical Provence. Stone walls, red-tiled roofs and a large tiled pool faithfully reproduce the traditional architecture in South of France, while oak trees and cicadas anchor the place firmly within its natural surroundings. However, once you step through the door, you will find another world of Japanese tranquility and delicate.

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Minimalist aesthetic Wabi-Sabi 

the heart of your experience

The guest house has two bedrooms promising an intimate and privileged experience. Their name refers to two emblematic flowers of Japan, the Sakura room and the Kiku room.

They combine hotel comfort with a refined and minimalist aesthetic, characteristic of Japanese living. Natural materials in stone, wood, and fabrics... are carefully chosen to create an atmosphere that exudes tranquility. This elegant simplicity contrasts with the typical decoration of the south of France, highlighting the complementarity of the two styles.


Their decorations are inspired by the subtle concept "Wabi Sabi" which highlights the raw elements, the aesthetics in the details and the timelessness of beauty which can be summed up by this phrase: "beautiful things are simple and profound, they transform and change, but their beauty endures over time.

The trip of gastronomic  in the Mas

a touch of Japan

The fusion of cultures is also found in the gastronomy at breakfast and dinner.

Breakfasts offer an assortment of local flavors with Japanese touches, creating a unique taste palette. Scrambled eggs with Dashi, French toast with Kinako and Kuromitsu are unique creations that you can discover in your breakfast included in your stay.

In the evening, if you decide to continue your culinary journey for dinner, Chef Kaho will offer you a Japanese table d'hôtes. On a wooden tray by Hinoki, traditional and authentic Japanese cuisine passed down by his mother and grandmother.

This culinary mix is a metaphor for the overall experience at Mas de Kyoto where two worlds meet between love, tradition and sharing.


In the heart of nature and tranquility

The experience at Mas de Kyoto begins with this marvelous view of the forest in front of the house. This view will follow you wherever you spend time at the Mas, in your room, on the terrace or by the pool. The light of the sun, the sound of the wind, the song of birds and cicadas, the flow of the clouds...At the Kyoto Mas, this nature is considered a god. This spiritual disposition "Yaoyorozu" from ancient Japanese derived from Shinto principles gives nature a precious character that must be observed, preserved and respected.



Maison d'hôtes l'expérience Japonaise

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